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Riding the railroad from Abilene, 1

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Riding the railroad from Abilene, 1958

Postby william5419 » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:41 am


Hi there:

Can any of you help me out?

In the Classic Trains Magazine, Summer 2008 issue,
the magazine features the Pullman sleepers.

Back in 1958. I was very young at 4 years of age. My mother took us back to San Diego from Abilene, TX, by train. We visited my grandparents in Abilene in the summer of 1958.

Although I found out that there was a Sunset Limited in 1958, before Amtrak was born, was there a passenger railroad line that served Abilene and El Paso at that time?

It was a daytime train before it pulled into El Paso at night. We boarded a Pullman sleeper in El Paso for the trip to Los Angeles.

After the train arrived in Los Angeles, my father took us home from Los Angeles.


San Diego, CA

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RE: Riding the railroad from Abilene, 1

Postby gbaileytx » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:41 am

Sure, the T&P ran passenger between Ft. Worth and El Paso at least through 1964. I rode it often in the 50's, as my father was a T&P brakeman and we had a pass. When I worked between El Paso and Big Spring in 1967-68, the passengers were gone. We ran one passenger extra in the summer of '67 - a circus train!
You would have detrained at El Paso Union Station and boarded the SP, probably the Sunset Limited, to LA.
Regards, George Bailey
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