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North Georgia Wild for Johnson

Enroute with Lyndon Johnson -- Two native delights of the old-time rural South -- a political campaign and a railroad train -- balled the jack into the hearts of multitudes of light-hearted, leather-lunged north Georgians Tuesday night. "The LBJ Special," custom-outfitted private train of the president of the Texas & Pacific railroad, brought the Democratic Party''s candidate for vice-president, Lyndon B. Johnson, "back where Grampa started in 1838 -- the great state of Georgia." He made whistle-stop appearances at Toccoa, Gainesville and Atlanta -- the first railroad platform appearances of a major political candidate many Georgians had witnessed since the days of William Jennings Bryan and gave it all they had. In Toccoa they washed down the main railroad crossing at Alexander and Four Acre Streets with a hose, placarded the right of way with "All the way with LBJ" and "We Want Jack" posters, called forth their high school bands to play "Dixie" and went as far as five counties away to bring in senior citizens to "take a look at this boy from Texas."

Atlanta Constitution-Journal