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Last T&P Freight Station Demolished

I am sadden to report that today was the day of demolition of the last remaining railroad structure in Denton. The T&P freight station was reduced to a pile of rubble about 2:30 pm Friday 11-8-02.

The station has not been used since the late 1988-89. It's last use was for a maintenance office and storage facility. The city was given the structure by the Union Pacific railroad in 1994.

The city sought a grant to move it from railroad property and rehabilitate it for community use. A second attempt at getting adequate funding was sought in 1998 with no success. The building continued to deteriorate and was partially destroyed by a storm. It was finally determined it was not cost effective to save the wooden building.

Some of the beams and sliding doors have been salvaged by interested persons. It will all be removed by early next week. If anyone is interested in some pictures of it coming down, email off list and I will forward them to you. Take another one off the list for those keeping track of these structures.

MOPAC Newsgroup
Bob Tickner