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Boxcar 81361 T & P Boxcar 81361

Boxcar 81361

T & P Boxcar 81361

From Dec. 1924 through Feb. 1925, Pullman-Standard built 1,000 double sheathed auto cars for the Texas & Pacific, numbers 60000-60999. From 1936 to 1939, the T&P's Marshall Shops converted 554 cars to all steel sides, using kits similar to the USRA double sheathed box car rebuilds, with eight panels per side. These cars were numbered in the 80000-80553 series. From 1947-1953 the remaining cars were converted to all steel cars, this time with ten panels per side. These cars wer erenumbered to the 81000-81425 series. The car pictured above is from the 81000 series.
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