T&P GP-35 #602

Fort Worth, TX


Fort Worth, TX May 1966 Extra 602 West, No 61. All freight trains on the T&P ran as Extras and Extra 602 West, No 61, MTS (Missouri, Texas, Southern Pacific), was a merchandise train that ran from Dupo, Il to the Westcoast, but on the T&P it only ran from Texarkana to El Paso. This train on the T&P and I am sure on the MOP got only green signals all the way. It only stopped where there were crew changes to be made. However it did stop and get switched out at Lancaster Yard on the trip westward. As you see in the picture there are only three units on the train, but when it leaves Lancaster Yard there will be six units on it and they will all be GP's and they most likely would be GP35's as this was when they being used. When this train left Lancaster Yard it usually had between 50 and 60 cars and about 3500 tons.


  • 600-614 delivered with Texas Pacific Lines buzzsaw logos
  • 600 was the first unit on the MoPac system to wear the large Screaming Eagle


  • Texas & Pacific Railway logo  T&P # 602
  • Texas & Pacific Railway logo  MoPac # MoPac Assigned Numbers
  •   Builder GM-EMD
  •   Build Date 1964
  •   Horsepower 2500
  •   Photo Credit Dave Mock Photo