T&P GP-7 #1113

Fort Worth, TX


Taken from the walk bridge at Lancaster Yard. The walk bridge went from the parking lot where you see the pickup parked on top of the hill to hump yard office which would be behind you as this picture was taken. The hump yardmasters tower was located on top of this walk bridge also.

Lancaster Yard had two hump tracks, a north hump and a south hump. At the bottom of this picture you see the scale track on the north hump track. Cars were humped left to right in this picture. Behind the GP engine is the westbound mainline. The houses you see in the top right hand corner of the picture are on Vickery Blvd. I worked in the hump yard office as a telegraph operator.

Dave Mock


  • Texas & Pacific Railway logo  T&P # 1113
  • Texas & Pacific Railway logo  MoPac # 113
  •   Builder GM-EMD
  •   Build Date 1950
  •   Horsepower 1500
  •   Photo Credit Trains Illustrated - Dec 1990 - Linn H. Westcott Photo