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The Angel Gabriel??

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:41 am
by wglass255
My father, W.F. (Tootsie) Glass was an agent-operator on the T&P for 15 years or more in various spots. He was the agent at the Marshall, Texas station during much of World War II. He suffered greatly from hay fever and when he would sneeze, he often sneezed very suddenly and very loudly. One day a female passenger was down in the tunnel waiting for the train as Dad came down the stairs. Dad had to sneeze and in the tunnel the sound must have been almost deafening as it reverberated off those hard surfaces. The woman was so frightened she dropped her bag, threw her hands in the air and shouted, "The Lord has come! The Lord has come!" Dad was quite embarrassed and assured the lady that he was not the angel Gabriel, just a depot agent with bad allergies. Everyone in the station got a big laugh and this has been a treasured bit of family folklore from that day on.