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Frederic Proby Gibson - Tragedies and Incidents

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:59 pm
by aharlow
Chapter Five,Tragedies and Incidents. P. 157

Van Horn had a very bad deal passed on her October 1, 1949 when train No. 27 ceased to stop. Only on special occasions, when flagged or a passenger got off This train’s arrival was about all of the entertainment or excitement for the early settlers. Everyone went to the station to see who was coming and going. The mail crane was installed October 4th and the first time (it was used) the mail fell off the crane, as no instruction had been given how to handle it. The first four days, no mail left Van Horn, but the train crew kicked the mail off (the train) that is, the letters and newspapers. Ever so often the train failed to catch the pouch and the mail was always damaged. but now we do not even have a passenger train; the last one to service Van Horn was April 15, 1967.

(Pictures of the last day are included in the book.)