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Builders of the Railroad

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:24 am
by Dorothy Sanders
The T & P went thru NE Louisiana ( around Benton, La.-that area)
Quite a few Native Americans (Indians) worked on building the rails.
My father in law and some of his family worked on it. They lived in the
box-cars and when they needed to go further down the line-just hooked up the cars and went, workers and familys -this would have been in the late 1930's.
I have a picture of some of my husbands cousins playing in front of the cars. My husband remembered this. His sister is 84 yrs old and told me how much fun it was to live and travel on the rails.
My question is- Does T&P have any record of this?
When my father in law passed away. The SS office said he got his number from the railroad. My mother in law received a small pension from this- thru SS office.
Would love to have any info to pass on to the decendants.