Bonham & Sherman roundhouses

Tell us about your T & P memories....your travels, your life along the railway, anything you can recall.
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Bonham & Sherman roundhouses

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There's a neat article on the history of these two T&P structures, plus photos: ... 0360.shtml

Remains of one roundhouse and turntable pit are still visible today.
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RE: Bonham & Sherman roundhouses

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I was there this afternoon. Looks like 6 stalls on the North side of the turntable, a space about the width of a stall then 3 more (going to the West). The last 3 have the front wall closer to the pit. Does anyone have info on Bonham other than the depot which still stands?

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Re: Bonham & Sherman roundhouses

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If I figure out how I will post some pictures. There is one floating around of the engine house when it was still standing. I have pictures of the foundation of the structure with the pits. The turntable pit has been dug out.
Plans are underway by "Fannin Rural Rail Transportation" to fully develop this area. Discussion and paperwork has started. Reader Railroad of Arkansas will relocate to Bonham. The engine house will be rebuilt. I think it will house the Reader's offices and retail store.
Uncle Pete sold the line from Bonham to Paris to the State of Texas. The State then gave the FRRTP lease to operate. The lack of funds has prevented any work. Track is in poor shape. Funding and grants have been applied for that will make a $21m improvement. The last part of the track not sold by UP in the first round, a mile and a half downtown, was recently purchased by FRRTP. This will insure development of the "Engine House" area. This area is also the western end of a newly created downtown park.
I started digging into the history of the T&P upon learning of the "Silver Slipper" Budd-Michelin train set, road numbers 100 and 150. Some digging says the two unit train was bought back by Budd. Others say both units were scrapped here in Bonham.
If anyone has information about the "Silver Slipper" please send me an email ([email protected] Robin Warren, Ivanhoe Tx)

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