T&P Employee and Public Timetables

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T&P Employee and Public Timetables

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Hello all,

I just joined the group and am seeking some specific information/help. I am compiling a hopefully complete set of T&P and MP employee timetables, public timetables and special instructions as PDF files for two time periods, 2/2/41 and 11/20/55. I have all the MP ETT's done, and also the MP publics that are closest tot he two dates above. I also have T&P EFFs for the 1950s period. What I am looking for is to purchase or borrow, or have someone scan T&P ETT's for the Eastern, Western, and Louisiana Divisions for dates as close to 2/2/41 as possible (if not exactly on that date, the timetable just prior to that date), and passenger timetables also at or just prior to the two dates mentioned above. I am alos looking for special instructions. If anyone can help, please let me know. Once the project is done, any contributors will receive a copy of the full pdf, which I think you will find very useful for historical or modeling purposes.

One other question, is there a list of T&P employee or public timetables in existance?

Thanks for yoru time and kind consideration.

Jerry Michels

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RE: T&P Employee and Public Timetables

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[url]http://www.davidrumsey.com/[/url]The David Rumsey Map Collection. His site has many Employee Timetables-- not just covers which are well imaged and can be read.

Also, you might try the [url]http://www.naotc.org/[/url] National Association of Timetable Collectors. Like many collectors, the cover is everything on that site.

Like you, I am researching the data, not collecting. But perhaps you may make a contact there.


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RE: T&P Employee and Public Timetables

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There is someone with an extensive collection of T&P timetables back to the 1870s. He was a T&P-UP employee. I only know of him second-hand and unfortunately cannot recall his name. Dick Smith had access to his collection and got a copy of an 1870s decade timetable for me.

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RE: T&P Employee and Public Timetables

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I have T&P Eastern Division ETTs Number 1; Effective September 8, 1940; Number 4, Effective August 31, 1941; and Number 47 Effective April 4, 1954. If these are some you need I'd be happy to make PDFs for you. I'm looking for info on the Eastern Division from 48 to 52.

Let me know.


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