T&P Advertisements - Indian Maiden Advertisement


A friend of mine (an antique dealer) recently acquired an old framed picture that we believe to be a T&P advertisement poster. It is a full color picture of an elaborately dressed Indian maiden, approximately 11x14. All of the border of the piece is matted (and unfortunately glued) to where the writing is obscured. It is very old and somewhat fragile paper goods, so we did not attempt to separate the mat from the poster. However, she clearly has a small T&P diamond logo on her costume. The poster itself is the full size of the frame, about 16x24, but the old matting covers all the border. We were able to peek in under one corner at the top, and the T&P RY logo is present there, as well as the one on her the right lapel of her costume. Judging by the elaborate style of the art and the condition of the paper, it is possible she is 1890's. The frame also is quite old and could date that far, but overall the piece has suffered the ravages of time.