T&P Rolling Stock - 40479

Marshall, TX


Marshalltown IA 1966 Jim Sands Photo


The T&P purchased 1,000 of these cars with 10' inside height, Murphy panel roof, and 4-5 Dreadnaught Ends with square corner post. The first purchase was in 1937 from Pullman-Standard, series 40000-40499. The second was from Mount Vernon Car Co. in 1940, series 40500-40999. As-built the cars came with a unique T&P lettering font and without the T&P diamond herald. Cars repainted during the postwar period through 1957 received the revised T&P lettering font and the diamond herald. Cars shopped in 1958 through the very early 1960s (before the MP consolidation) retained the diamond herald but had the reporting marks changed to "TP" (ampersand eliminated). Cars were painted "T&P freight car red" with black ends. 

-- Ed Hawkins