T&P Rolling Stock - Boxcar 75007 B end

Marshall, TX


Box car 75007 (this is the second 75007, by the way) started out as automobile car 70573 built by American Car and Foundry in 8/29. It was a wood single-sheath 50-foot 50-Tcar with 2 six-ft doors on each side. In 7/39 it was renumbered to 72023 after Evans Auto-Loaders were installed and the right-hand door enlarged to 9 ft. The diagram does not indicate if the car was steel-sheathed at the time, but the gain of 8000 lbs suggests that it was. In 11/53, it was again rebuilt to handle autoparts by the installation of 58 stanchions and 3 beltrails. It was also converted to a single 8-ft door (Superior; previous doors were apparently Youngstown). The brakes were changed from K to AB some time between 1936 and 1944. According to the diagrams, the trucks were never changed and the car maintained its 50-T capacity. The car was still on the roster in 1963. All the rebuilding was done in Marshall.
--Dick Smith