T&P Rolling Stock - Budd Michelen

Bonham, TX


Rubber tires only on the trailer, the motor having classic metal wheels.

Claude Camp, now deceased, A master mechanic on the Texas and Pacific who retired off the Rock Island and was instrumental in the TP 610 restoration a operation during the 1970s, once  told me he scrapped the Micheline cars in Bonham,Texas.  The book "Oxcarts to Eagles" might divulge the date.  He said they weren't very successful here, and didn't like to stay on the
track. They built a platform so some one could ride under the car and see what the
problem was, but they couldn' get any volunteers to ride it.. 

 "From Oxcarts to Eagles" has a picture of the train on page 209. It is a motor car and trailer, stainless steel, circa 1932. 

The number of the motor car is  Texas and Pacific No 100. 
"... two-unit train mounted on rubber-tired wheels driven by two gasoline engines.  ... The train consisted of two cars. The first contained the power plant, the railway post office and the baggage and express compartment. The heating and air conditioning equipment were in the the baggage
compartment. The second car of the train was devoted entirely to passenger accommodationns and was completely air conditioned in its three compartments which could seat a total of 76 passengers.  The front of the train swung open and the engine generator units could be removed."

-- Cy Martin