T&P I-1a #610

Fort Worth, TX


This picture was in the Star Telegram in 1952 the weekend that the 610 display site was dedicated outside Will Rogers Coliseum. You can just see the "rs" in Rogers on the tender.

The older man is my grandfather, Del Crouser, Sr., retired (1948) T & P assistant superintendent. The other is my dad, Del Crouser, Jr., who was going to school & working as a T & P engineering co-op. Later he became assistant district engineer out of the Ft. Worth office. I guess that just leaves me, DC,III.


  •   Builder Lima
  •   Build Date 6-1927
  •   Wheel Type 2-10-4
  •   Cylinders 29 X 32
  •   Drivewheel Diameter 63 in.
  •   Boiler Pressure 255 psi
  •   Grate Area 100.00 in²
  •   Weight 448,000 lbs.
  •   Tractive Force 84,600 lbs.
  •   Photo Credit Del Crouser