T&P D-4 #181

Texarkana, TX


I do not know much about this photo.  I found it among my grandmothers things.  The engine says "181" then in the middle is the T&P piledriver #3, and the last car says texas and pacific. On the back of the picture is written ...  Texas July1st 1894  Henry Moore, Warren Dickenson, JM K Mullin "Tom Reids Bridge out fit"  My family is from the Texarkana Area so I would guess this must be near there. 


  •   Builder Rome
  •   Build Date 6-1887
  •   Wheel Type 4-6-0
  •   Cylinders 18 X 24
  •   Drivewheel Diameter 52 in.
  •   Boiler Pressure 165 psi
  •   Grate Area 16.75 in²
  •   Weight 97,000 lbs.
  •   Tractive Force 21,000 lbs.
  •   Photo Credit Jackie Napruszewski