T&P C-1 #141

Dallas, TX


The man in the cab is my great grandfather Thomas Brasher. The man standing at the back of the cab is unknown to everyone in my family.

I am guessing that the photo was shot in the T&P yard in Dallas in the 1920's, but i really don't know.

Thomas was a Dallas resident, and my family is still here including myself. If you have any other information or receive any other information about this photo, I would appreciate it.


  •   Builder Ex MOP (T&P)
  •   Build Date 4-1883
  •   Wheel Type 2-6-0
  •   Cylinders 19 X 22
  •   Drivewheel Diameter 52 in.
  •   Boiler Pressure 145 psi
  •   Grate Area 22.70 in²
  •   Weight 88,000 lbs.
  •   Tractive Force 19,200 lbs.
  •   Photo Credit John Brasher