T&P P-1 #603

Marshall, TX


Photos were taken at Marshall RR yard. I have better photo copies and will replce these when I find them and the other pictures, hopefully in short order.

My grandfather, J. R. Conroy, about whom I posted on this site, is prominent in these photos. These photos are described in detail the posting entitled "My grandfather was a T&P engineer" or something similar. I have recently moved and changed emails and lost passwords and haven't time to mess with the site more right now, but please convey to "Darrell" in response to his question, that I have no idea who my grandfather's bosses were, nor any of his co-workers.

Thank you.

John Conroy


  •   Builder Baldwin
  •   Build Date 4-1919
  •   Wheel Type 4-6-2
  •   Cylinders 26 X 28
  •   Drivewheel Diameter 73 in.
  •   Boiler Pressure 200 psi
  •   Grate Area 59.60 in²
  •   Weight 275,080 lbs.
  •   Tractive Force 44,200 lbs.
  •   Photo Credit JOHNNY CONROY